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About Tribe

Everyone is welcome.

We’re on a mission to help the over-looked 9 million UK adults that deserve an alternative to the big, traditional corporate mobile networks.

We do things differently. We believe that restricting access to communication is wholly unfair and unreasonable. By removing the traditional financial barriers to services we are able to provide well-priced, contracted mobile handset and SIM only plans that are open to everyone.

Our unique and fairer approach takes every individuals circumstance into account to provide a choice of handsets and airtime plans they both want and can afford.

We don’t just help our members, we try to make a difference in the wider world. Head over to the about us section and find out how.

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Welcome To The Tribe

Socially Responsible

This is important to us and we hope it is for you too. We want to make Tribe carbon effective. We’re going to make a positive and lasting environmental impact for the planet, and we encourage our members to join us.

Carbon free and carbon reduction tags are great for companies to have but we want to try and make more of a difference. We’ll help each of our members to do that extra bit for the environment, enabling them to remove more carbon than they use.

Our first carbon reduction initiative will be planting trees. We’re creating a Tribe forest that every member can play their part in planting and growing. Tribe members can also plant their own Tribe forest or contribute to job creation through other eco led initiatives.

Tribe Origins

Tribe was founded by a group of industry professionals that had worked alongside the “big 4” networks acquiring them customers for many years. We saw that the mobile services market is antiqated. Customers through no fault of their own were being turned away by the networks and denied the opportunity to access the handsets and services they needed on contracts.

We thought this was’t very fair and customers needed an alternative.

We set about designing a network that would actually help customers and started by trying to put their needs at the heart of what we do. We asked potential customers what they wanted, what was important to them and if possible, how we could help.

Customers found it difficult to get access to new handsets and competitive deals offered on contract by the networks. They were tired of being stuck on Pay As You Go style plans and using constant costly and inconvenient top ups to stay connected. They felt the broad brush approach the networks applied to granting contracts didn’t take their circumstances into account. Many were worried about the effect on their credit rating by applying for a contract and being turned down. Some were just plain unhappy with how they had been treated as customers.

We set to work on building a network that gave them greater acceptance as a customer, offered them access to phone and SIM plans that didn't harm their credit.