Welcome to Tribe

Mobile for everyone

Tribe mobile is a place where everyone, regardless of their situation can get access to well priced mobile phone deals.

Everyone is welcome in the Tribe. Tribe provides an alternative to the cold corporate climate of the “Big Four” and run-of-mill smaller networks. In the Tribe everyone is equal, everyone gets the same excellent service and access to great deals no matter their history.

Tribe is currently in phase 1. We’re listening to what people want and working hard to offer our members deals that are competitive with and where possible better than all the major networks. Phase 2 will see Tribe will become a place that not only accepts everyone but nurtures its members and helps them grow. we’re working with the major credit reference agencies and our finance partners to enable Tribe to help repair or build our members credit if they’ve struggled to access or had problems previously. It’s hard to get credit when you don’t have credit. Tribe want to break this cycle for our members. We don’t rely on credit checks, we believe in our members and want to help where we can. The credit building function of Tribe sits in the background. Tribe members don’t have to do anything other than make regular payments for the service we provide, we’ll take care of the rest. As a Tribe member every payment you send us will be logged and supplied to the credit reference agencies. This helps our members over time build a positive credit history that then enables access to products and services previously out of reach.

Socially Responsible

We could plant trees; we could donate 3% of our profits to Donkey sanctuaries or we could promise to ensure that we only use masts powered by dark matter pixie dust. Instead our responsibility is to our customers, to try to make life a little better for them.

It’s difficult to care about thousands of good causes when you’re struggling to make ends meet, when the most important cause of all, your own well-being and that of your family is under stress. Sometimes you need a little leg up. Our commitment is to you, our family members, our Tribe. We’ll put our faith in you if you put your faith in us. While we aren’t in our final form yet we’re working hard to reach it as quickly as possible.

To start, we will;
Offer any prospective member of the Tribe a competitive deal and consider their circumstances regardless of whether they may have been rejected elsewhere before.
Develop our product to help you repair a damaged credit report and get back into mainstream credit.
Work to provide a rewards package that suits your needs and helps you out, not meaningless offers that you can’t take advantage of.
All we ask in return if that you keep up to date with payments for your selected plan.

Did you know?

If you have been refused a deal by a major mobile network before it may not be your fault.

Mobile Networks don’t have a set credit score you have to meet

The acceptance criteria for one of the “Big 4” mobile networks varies according their current level of risk exposure. For example, if a network sells a significant number of a new iPhone models they are gambling that each person will pay them back for the iPhone and the airtime contract over a two year period. To off-set that risk they reduce the amount of credit risk exposure across other areas of their business. To achieve this, they make sure the people they sell other products to for the subsequent months are more likely to complete their contract by raising the required credit score qualification level.

Pretty unfair huh? How many new handsets released in a year and how popular they are has an effect on your ability to get something else! You may not want the latest handset or even a handset at all but unfortunately the networks don’t want you today. They may however want you tomorrow, who knows? How many credit checks and amount of potential damage to your score do you need to do by repeatedly applying? Every check for these services, positive or negative in result leaves a mark. That’s not very welcoming in our book.

20% of people have a material anomaly on their credit report that they don’t know about.

It’s true, the three main credit reference agencies process billions of transactions daily for hundreds of millions of customers worldwide. Unfortunately and as it turns out, quite frequently mistakes do happen. Failure to spot these mistakes can be the difference between getting a mobile phone contract and not.

Being a victim of identity fraud can have long term implications on your credit report

If you were the victim of identity fraud and someone defaults on a product fraudulently taken out in your name it can prevent you from accessing mainstream credit. You can work with your credit reference agency to remove these errors, but the burden of proof is on you, your bank and other financial institutions to prove this to credit reference agencies. It can have an affect even if that default is for £1! Crazy Right?

Not being registered to vote can affect your credit score.

Again it’s true, being registered on the electoral roll can affect your credit score and therefore affect your chances of getting something as simple as a mobile deal. Credit Reference Agencies like the fact you've told the government about where you live. It’s an extra confirmation of your identity which the credit reference agencies love - it helps validate the data they hold on you and make more informed decisions.