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Never has there been so much choice in the mobile market. Smart phones have revolutionised how we can communicate with one another. With longer lasting batteries, more advanced cameras, features and apps that provide social networking and allow cost free video calling and messaging smart phones are a must have for everyday life. The range of handsets has expanded to suit most budgets and continue to become more affordable.

Mobile networks vai for the attention of customers with offers of new handsets and attractive airtime plans but don’t seem to cater for those that don’t quite fit the mainstream credit profile.

This gives the customer the option of staying on Pay as you go or at best a 30-day rolling contract. Unfortunately, both these options don’t present the same value and “always on” services of a longer-term contract.

Tribe provide a way for customers to benefit from longer term contracts without the requirement for a credit check. Check out our range of SIM only plans in the store.