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Big Tribe Mobile has a simple policy. That everyone should be able to get a competitive deal on their mobile tariff. Nobody should be stuck on Pay as You Go if they don’t want to be. To help people in that regard Tribe Mobile does not credit check its SIM Only plans, this is one way we try to help give people a little leg up. 30 day rolling SIM plans are typically not good value for money, and we think that a 2 year SIM only is too long, while it may save you money it may restrict from getting a handset when things get better for you.All Tribe SIM only plans are currently for 12 Months. We think that’s the ideal length for a SIM only Tariff, as it offers the best flexibility for our customers and competitive prices. We regularly check our prices against all the major networks to make sure we are competitive on like for like SIM only Tariffs. Sometimes we’ll be cheaper than your favourite network, others we’ll be a little more expensive, but we’ll always be there or thereabouts.CommitmentJust because Tribe Mobile don’t credit check our customers on SIM only Tariffs doesn’t mean that we aren’t making a commitment together. Our 12 Month plans are for a minimum of 12 months, if you complete all the payments on your 12 month plan, then at some point around month 11 we’ll contact you to see if we can offer you a handset and a new contract with even better value for money or whether we can connect you to our latest offers.Content 2