Refurbished handsets now available with Tribe

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Handsets from Tribe

Tribe hold a range of the best-selling Apple and Samsung devices.

Handsets are available to purchase as refurbished or new.

Tribe recycled handsets

Tribe have recently introduced a range of A+ graded refurbished handsets. Every handset has undergone full diagnostic and cosmetic test to achieve the highest grading certification and a 12-month warranty.

All batteries have at least 80% capacity relative to new, the device has been fully inspected and memory fully wiped ready for its new owner.

By opting for a reconditioned handset you reduce both the cost to you and help to extend the life of a highly intensive produced and environmentally costly item.

All Tribe refurbished handsets available in the shop can be purchased outright or can be split over 12 monthly payments. All refurbished handsets are delivered free of charge.

Tribe new handsets

Sometimes only new will do. Our range of new handsets cover the most popular models for both Samsung and Apple.

All new handsets are supplied with a full manufacturer warranty and everything you need to get going right out of the box.

Available as a one-off purchase or split over 12 months with our finance partner your new handset will be delivered free of charge.