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Get a pay monthly contract with a new Smartphone without damaging your credit.

New smartphones can be expensive, and it can be difficult to pay for a handset in one go - pairing a SIM plan with a handset and taking out a contract with a phone provider is a great way to spread the cost of a handset and provide airtime for its use. The phone provider will run financial and background checks on any potential customer that applies and once the customer is accepted will set up a recurring payment or direct debit to pay for the services.

Unfortunately to around 20 million UK adults a contract with a phone provider isn’t something they can take advantage of. This is typically down to pre-determined credit rating the providers require for the customer to be approved for services. In some cases, the provider may ask for a deposit to be made, this can be a significant proportion of the total contract value and be in the hundreds of pounds making it too expensive for the customer.

The very act of applying for a contract and failing the providers checks will leave a negative record on the customer’s credit file. This makes it very unlikely the customer will be approved with another provider if they applied.

Tribe see this as a very restrictive and potentially unfair way of deciding if customers are eligible to join.

We’ve worked hard to find a solution with the finance industry to enable us to make more informed decisions about a customer application.

By using the latest in open banking technology and affordability testing, we enable our customers to join us on terms that suit them.

Every handset available in the Tribe store is available to be paid for via Stripe checkout or Payl8r. Customers can opt for Stripe payments to pay the full cost of the handset in one go or Payl8r that offers finance to spread the cost of the handset over 3,6,9 or 12 months.