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What is a SIM only contract and why are they good?

Sim Only deals and contracts are where you subscribe to a pre-agreed amount of data, minutes and texts per month to use with your existing handset or a new handset you have purchased separately.
SIM Only deals offer great value for money as only the “air-time” is charged for which tend to make them cheaper than contracts that also provide a handset. Standard SIM Only contracts are often of a shorter commitment length of 12 months rather than 24 or 36 months that are typical for contracts that provide a new handset.
How do you pay for a SIM only contract?
Sim only contracts are paid on the same date monthly by recurring payment, direct debit or bank mandate. This allows continuous and uninterrupted use of your phone with the selected airtime within the pre-agreed limits. If you wish to go over your pre-agreed allowance additional provisions known as a bolt-on can be made if you need to increase a certain aspect of the airtime contract temporarily. The most common bolt on customers use is for adding additional GBs of data to their allowance to access the internet. To add a bolt on customers can access their account online and select from a range of options to add to their existing airtime plan for the stated cost. If a customer finds that the airtime they have signed up for doesn’t meet their requirements they can usually contact their mobile provider to up the monthly pre-agreed limit. The Bolt on is a great way for a customer to meet their requirements on a flexible basis for an additional one-off cost.
How are SIM only contracts different from Pay AS You Go deals?
SIM only contracts represent a commitment by the customer to pay for access to a pre-agreed service for a set period. By agreeing to commit to pay monthly for a set period of time for the service the customer can take advantage of a reduced rate when compared to a pay as you go arrangement. The mobile network wants customers to stay with them so the service is made available at the reduced rate as this allows the service provider (mobile network) to plan and provision for how many users they need to provide for. With pay as you go arrangements the mobile network charges more for its services as the customer could leave at any time.
What length of SIM Only contracts are available from Tribe?
At present Tribe offer SIM Only contracts that last 12 months. With the changing deals in the market we feel that this is the best way to offer our customers maximum value with minimal commitment.
How do I join Tribe?
If you find a deal on site that suits your requirements all you need to do is add it to your basket, fill in the delivery details and complete the payment process. You will be asked to set up a Direct Debit, Tribe don’t run credit-checks, but you will be asked to provide some basic information that allows us to verify your identity. Once the payment has been accepted, we will dispatch your order. Orders can take 3-5 working days to be delivered.
Are SIM only contracts cheaper than plans that come with a handset?
When compared to plans that come with a handset Sim only deals tend to be cheaper per month. Plans that include a handset have an additional monthly cost of the handset built in along with the contracted airtime charged at the same time which can add a substantial cost to the monthly amount paid.

Tribe packages are different however.  We separate your handset and SIM deals completely meaning you can choose from our amazing range of handsets and incredible SIM only offers and pay the SIM only price for your airtime.  No hidden extras.
Can I keep my old number when I get a SIM Only contract with Tribe?
Yes - If you’re moving to Tribe from another network, you can keep your existing number. The process is known as number porting and is easy - text 65075 from your handset to get your PAC or Porting Authorisation Code, the code should be sent to you in a minute or so. Once you have the code call us to purchase your SIM Only plan and give us the PAC, we’ll assign your number to the new SIM and send it out to you.

If you have found a deal and want to order through the site, select the plan and add to the shopping basket. You will be asked if you would like a new number or to port your old number. To keep your number select the port number option, text 65075 to obtain your PAC and enter the code in the box provided. We will then assign your number to your new SIM card and deliver to you in 3-5 working days.