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Terms & Conditions

Terms, conditions and policy for services using Tribe Mobile.

The following outlines the terms of service, fair use policy, payment arrangements and the important conditions of the contract for Tribe Mobile. It is important that you read and understand our offer of service and your responsibilities. By using our services you agree to and abide by the following outlined conditions.

Billing, payments and services

  • We will bill you monthly in advance for your data plan and any recurring optional extras you have. Our finance provider will also bill you monthly for your equipment or handset if you have taken an equipment or handset payment plan with them. Other charges, such as add-ons and non-inclusive call/text charges will be billed at the time of purchase. If you require access to non-inclusive minutes - 0845, 0870 and other 'service numbers’ please add a bolt on to your account. Any charges will be shown on your statement.
  • You are responsible for all activity using your services unless you tell us someone is not authorised to use them before charges are incurred.
  • You can view your bill, make payments and manage your account online through Tribe members area on the website or through Tribe app.
  • Prices for Tribe Mobile services may increase and services may vary, including during your minimum term. If we increase your monthly subscription price you may cancel your subscription without early termination charge. Other prices and services may also vary. We will let you know about any material changes before we make them.
  • Unlimited Calls and Texts gives you inclusive calls and texts to UK landlines (01, 02 and 03) and UK mobile numbers (07). Excludes Channel Islands, Isle of Man, indirect access and 070/076 numbers. This is subject to our acceptable and fair use policy detailed below.
  • Our range of International bolt on options you can access discounted rates for calls and texts to over 60 popular International destinations (to both landline and mobile numbers). See our bolt on section on site for full details.
  • One-off charges you owe us (including early termination charges and non-inclusive minutes) will be charged directly to any credit or debit card you have given us the details of. We will give you reasonable notice before making the charge. Please tell us when we contact you about the charge if you don’t want us to use these card details for this purpose or payment will be collected automatically.
  • Optional extras (Additional data, International bolt-ons and non-inclusive minutes bolt-ons) can be selected a single purchases or recurring. Recurring bolt-ons and purchase costs will be added to your account each month until cancelled.
  • 5G is available with compatible 5G devices and in 5G coverage areas. Find out more information about 5G at Tribe.co.uk. You may need to extend your service plan depending on network availability.
  • If you add 5G and are in a 5G coverage area but don’t own a 5G handset, the quality of your 4G service will be affected.
  • Please take a look at our tariff guide so you can see how much non-inclusive calls you make or texts you send will cost you, including our roaming rates.
  • For your protection, some spend limits apply to each SIM card on your account. You can manage the spend on your Tribe Mobile account online (also via app). If you are intending to use your SIM for non-inclusive minutes please add the appropriate bolt on. Failure to do so may result in a service suspension when spend or data limits are hit. Please contact us if this happens so we can take payment/arrange a bolt on and resume service.

Your equipment and finance arrangements.

  • Tribe Mobile are not the finance provider for you handset or hardware. If finance services are used to purchase your equipment it is your responsibility to pay the agreed charges on time and in accordance with the agreement entered into with them.
  • If you take a Tribe Mobile airtime and/or data plan and pay for a handset with a loan from one of our finance providers you must keep an active data plan for the duration of your loan. If you don’t, we may ask you to repay the outstanding plan amount in full.
  • Customers using finance to purchase a handset are subject to the terms, conditions and charges agreed with the selected finance provider. The finance provider is responsible for agreeing payment schedules, payment fees or agreement variation in relation to the initial agreement to provide finance for the equipment or hardware. More information on the terms for finance providers are available on the finance providers web site.
  • The SIM card is supplied to you at no extra cost and always remains the property of Tribe. In the event we have to supply a new SIM card through your loss or damage we may require you to pay the delivery services and a connection cost.
  • Under no circumstances should you give the SIM card to anyone else unless you are happy to pay any charges they incur.
  • In addition to the relevant data plan, a compatible device is required to use Tribe Mobile services.
  • You must not tamper with or dispose of the SIM card, unless we ask you to.
  • Tribe owns the SIM card sent to you and if asked, you must return or dispose of it at the end of your contract or if a replacement is sent to you.
  • You must tell us immediately if the SIM card is lost or stolen, and as soon as reasonably possible if it is damaged or faulty
  • We may alter, suspend or stop making services available to you in order to update the service, for technical reasons, if you have missed any payments you owe us or the result of our credit or fraud assessment of you is unsatisfactory, or if you have broken these conditions or the terms and conditions of another service provided to you by Tribe.


  • The personal information we have collected from you will be shared with fraud prevention agencies who will use it to prevent fraud and money laundering and to verify your identity. If fraud is detected, you could be refused certain services or finance. Read our privacy policy to find out how your information will be used by us, as well as information on these fraud prevention agencies, and your data protection rights.
  • Tribe may use your contact details to contact you about content, products and services that we think you’d like, including for a reasonable period after you cease to be a Tribe customer. By becoming a customer you are agreeing to this unless you opt out by changing your preferences via your account. We still retain the right to contact you via phone, text, push notification or email regarding service updates and other account management activities necessary for the operation of your account.
  • If you want to keep your number you'll need a PAC from your current provider. More information is available on Tribe web site.
  • We may send notices to your mobile number. If you give your SIM or device to someone else, you should ensure they tell you about any notices they receive.
  • Tribe Mobile services come with a monthly data allowance which is agreed with you when you place your order. This is the limit on how much mobile data you can use in each bill period. You can see the data plans we currently offer on Tribe web site and purchase additional data bolt -ons if required.
  • Tribe Mobile services are variable so may change from time to time. We cannot guarantee the continued availability of any particular data plan or optional extra.
  • We’re constantly investing in our network and over time may select another network infrastructure to provide our service that we believe may provide a superior service and experience to our customers. If this happens we may contact you to tell you that we will move you to another network or data plan.

How long subscriptions last and what happens if you end this contract

  • For information about cooling off rights see ‘Your rights to cancel your order’
  • You must subscribe to a data plan for at least the minimum term (usually 12 months). If you end this contract during the minimum term or we end the contract early because you have breached your contract or are in arrears you may have to pay an early termination charge, typically the remainder of the contract period.
  • You may be able to reduce the amount of these early termination charges by changing your data plan and/or removing any optional extras in accordance with these conditions before you tell us you want to end this contract.
  • We will use reasonable care and skill in providing Tribe Mobile services to you.
  • As this is a mobile service, it may not be available everywhere in the United Kingdom and in some places it is only available at certain times. Similarly, if you use Tribe Mobile services from a country outside the UK you will be roaming on another operator’s network, so Tribe Mobile services may not be available to you or you may not receive the same level of coverage and speed as you’re used to on the network.
  • We have no liability if you are unable to access Tribe Mobile services abroad, or if the quality of any other operator’s network services differs from those provided by Tribe. Please contact us to check your current service availability in a particular country.
  • Unless you are using Tribe Mobile services with equipment, we cannot guarantee they are or will be compatible (partly or in full) with your device.
  • From time-to-time faults in Tribe Mobile services may occur, a number of circumstances and conditions beyond our reasonable control could restrict or impair them (for example, weather, network outage and geographic conditions).
  • Your Tribe Mobile services and network signal will also be affected by your location, for example, mobile coverage is affected by things like the material of the walls or ceilings of the building you are in or how many people near you are trying to use mobile devices at the same time.
  • Where technical issues, impaired quality of service or outages on our network occur you should report this to us and must give us a reasonable opportunity to fix any fault which may include you taking the reasonable steps we recommend. We will try to resolve the fault as soon as possible and re-perform any Tribe Mobile services when possible.
  • We may direct and manage traffic on our network as is required to deliver the quality of service we have agreed to, including in some circumstances directing traffic onto different parts of our network such as 3G, 4G and WiFi. Available 4G data speeds are typically faster than 3G
  • Delays and jitters in the transmission of data or packet loss can result in your data services running slowly, web pages not loading or you having problems with services like VPNs. If there is packet loss or delay in mobile data transfer certain applications may suffer from momentary interruptions of video or audio or alternatively the time to complete a task (such as downloading a track) becomes longer.
  • We may control or vary any content or technical specifications for such content so that you receive a better experience when using Tribe Mobile services.

Your use of Tribe Mobile services and our Acceptable Use Policy

  • You agree to use your Tribe Mobile services and the SIM card for your own personal use as a consumer and shall ensure that those people you allow to access and use Tribe Mobile services and SIM card do the same.
  • You agree to use your Tribe Mobile services in accordance with this contract and our reasonable instructions, and shall ensure that those people you allow to use Tribe Mobile services do the same. You agree that you will be responsible for all activity on your Tribe Mobile account (for example, calls made, text messages sent or data services used) by you or anyone you allow to use your SIM card or Tribe Mobile services while in your, or their, possession or control. For example, if you are a parent or guardian you are responsible for the use of Tribe Mobile services and any device by a child or person in your care.
  • Your use of ‘unlimited’, ‘free’ or ‘no extra charge’ services provided as part of Tribe Mobile services (such as inclusive calls, texts or data), and the use by anyone you allow to use your Tribe Mobile services, should not exceed that reasonably expected of a reasonable person using Tribe Mobile services for personal purposes as a consumer. If it does we may:
    1. suspend your Tribe Mobile services until we have established whether your use is in accordance with these conditions and if it is not end your contract under condition (if we establish that your use is in accordance with these Conditions we will remove the suspension and give you a pro-rata refund of any monthly charges for the period of suspension); and/or Tribe Mobile Customer Contract.
    2. charge you Tribe’s standard rates as published in our latest tariff guide for any calls, texts or data services exceeding those reasonably expected of a person using Tribe Mobile services for personal purposes as a consumer. We will inform you by SMS or email before we start charging you our standard rates and will try to notify you before your Tribe Mobile services are suspended or this contract is ended.
  • Your use of any roaming services (sending or receiving calls or texts or using data outside the UK) must not exceed that reasonably expected of a reasonable person using Tribe Mobile services for periodic travel. If you breach this condition we may charge you a reasonable fee for using your Tribe Mobile services abroad. We will inform you by SMS or email what any additional fees will be before we start charging you.
  • Data usage whilst roaming outside of the UK and exceeding more than 25GB within a single billing period will be classified as exceeding our fair uage policy on any inclusive or unlimited plan.
  • You must ensure that your Tribe Mobile services are not used for any unlawful or improper purpose, such as:
    1. the making of hoax calls, sending hoax messages or communicating false information or data or information or data you believe to be false;
    2. the making of calls or sending of messages, information or data which are defamatory, offensive, abusive, obscene, menacing, threatening or otherwise made for the purpose of causing annoyance, nuisance, inconvenience or anxiety to another (including sending automated unsolicited communications for advertising or any other purpose);
    3. fraudulently or in connection with a criminal or other offence;
    4. in a way that harms or could harm our network;
    5. for auto delivery, continuing or extensive call forwarding (including enabling the routing of calls from fixed apparatus to your device via a mobile to mobile call or data connection), telemarketing, solicitation, polling, fax or voicemail broadcast;
    6. with any SIM box or gateway device which contains one or more SIM cards for another mobile network; or
    7. otherwise in a manner which is in breach of any applicable legislation or regulations or the rights of any other party (including any proprietary or intellectual property rights, copyright or trademarks. For example by copying, storing, altering, transmitting, distributing, broadcasting or publishing any part of any content other than in a way allowed under law).
  • You must not resell Tribe Mobile services or supply them to others without our express consent.
  • As content may not be supplied by Tribe, you are responsible for assessing its quality, accuracy, completeness and age-appropriateness and that of any services offered by third parties via Tribe Mobile services.
  • If anyone makes, or threatens to make, any claim or issue legal proceedings against you relating to your use of Tribe Mobile services, you must notify us of this immediately and, at our request, immediately stop the act or acts complained of. If we ask you to you agree to provide details of the claim to us via Tribe Mobile Contract options.

Unlimited Allowances and Roaming

  • Tribe mobile unlimited bundles are truly unlimited where usage is appropriate to subscription type.
  • Inappropriate usage would be considered as the following:
    1. Any usage outside normal and expected customer patterns
    2. Any usage made via automated means (also see Gateway/AIT FUP)
    3. Any usage that damages or impairs the network
    4. Any usage considered fraudulent, abusive, illegal or a nuisance
    5. Data usage where users regularly tether to 5 or more devices or have used 650GB of data twice within a 6 month period.
    6. Data usage where roaming outside of the UK and exceeding more than 25GB within a single billing period.
  • We may investigate usage in order to ascertain whether your unlimited usage is in line with these guidelines.
  • In the event inappropriate usage is determined then we reserve the right to restrict services, adjust the plan or terminate the agreement based on the severity of the misuse.

Gateways/Artificially Inflated Traffic (AIT)

  • Tribe does not allow SIMs to be used in any equipment which enables the routing of calls or data (including, without limitation, text or picture messages) from fixed apparatus or standard devices to mobile equipment, by establishing a mobile to mobile call or transmission.
  • Nor does it allow the use of any equipment which enables the sending of bulk SMS, voice or data services.
  • Tribe reserves the right to suspend without notice should we believe that such equipment is being used. During suspension, the liability for any access charges or calls will rest with the customer and payment will be sought.
  • We have introduced a Fair Usage Policy detailed below to ensure customer allowances are being used for the permitted purpose whilst roaming.

Fair Usage Policy Roaming

  • Inclusive roaming services on our mobile tariffs have been built for users who travel periodically, and not those who roam across foreign networks on a semi-permanent or permanent basis.
  • If a customer uses their mobile in destinations outside the UK that qualify for inclusive access to standard bundles (this includes those countries that qualify for daily roaming services legislation), and they have spent more time abroad than at home with their roaming use exceeding their domestic use, we will consider them a permanent roamer and charges will apply in line with our standard roaming out of bundle costs.
  • Please be aware that roaming activity will continue to be measured over a four month period.
  • Please note, Tribe reserve the right to disconnect subscriptions and apply a standard £30 Cease Fee per account, in instances where terminations occur due to breach of listed policies.

Fair Usage Policy Roaming

  • Our tariffs are subject to change. Tribe will ensure at least 30 days’ notice is given before any changes take effect.