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We’ve teamed up with Ecologi and the Eden reforestation projects to plant trees and support climate positive initiatives.

Tribe have joined the fight against climate change and our members can now do their bit to help restore our climate.

Through our partners every tree we plant and every carbon project we support makes a measurable difference and contributes toward reversing the climate crisis.

Where possible Tribe eco initiatives also create jobs for the local population that engage in the projects, we’re looking at selecting and growing these as a preference.

Tribe members are also able to plant, grow and see their own individual forest through the Tribe site. You can plant trees in Madagascar or support rewilding in the Scottish lowlands – it’s up to you. Every tree planted can be named, viewed or in some cases visited. With dedication and gifting options you can help spread carbon action to friends and loved ones.

We plant trees with Ecologi

Want more trees?

We’ll soon be introducing Tribe Environment bolt on, these can be added to any Tribe plan as a one off or as a recurring payment on your monthly bill. Select the bolt on required and automatically have trees planted through your account. Check back to the site regularly to see our progress.