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Every Tribe member plants 6 trees per month

Tribe have teamed up with Ecologi and the Eden project to plant trees and support climate positive reforestation initiatives in Madagascar, Mozambique and Nicaragua.

Through our partners every tree we plant and every reforestation project we support makes a measurable difference and contributes toward reversing deforestation and habitat erosion .

Every tree planted can be named, viewed and traced to a planting site with further information about the project.

Tribe members can plant more trees through their Tribe account, with dedication and gifting options you can help spread tree planting action.

Make a friend or loved one smile and plant them a tree today!

We plant trees with Ecologi

Want more trees?

Once you have joined Tribe you can plant more trees in your members area. You can select a name to plant the trees in and choose the email address you want the link sending to.